Meaning of Al-Maidah

The word Al-maidah is derived from Arabic language and is pronounced as “AL-Ma’ida”.The name of 5th Surah(chapter) of the Holy Quran is also Al-maidah.Meaning of word Al-maidah is “banquet of dining table”.The name of our restaurant in Murree was suggested by Allama Muztar Abbasi(late),a renowned relegious scholar and first Esperantist (expert of Esperanto language) in Pakistan who also rendered his services for Islam in Esperanto language and is also honoured to translate the Holy Quran in Esperanto language.

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Let's face it - 'food is life' and if you're a foodie just like us, you know that the next best thing to eating food,
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براہ راست مری الماٸدہ ریسٹورنٹ سے